Artist Philosophy

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I thrive on my ability to let my passion and emotion inspire my work. I enjoy creating art and environments that showcase alternate realities based on daily life. Memories of turmoil, growing up, growing old and other aspects of daily existence are the commonalities that link individuals. I use these as a basis for creating both large and small-scale designs.

My large-scale work stems from months of research and data collection combined from multiple sources (i.e. interviewed individuals, books and the Internet). Once the information is gathered I let the data guide my mood and feed my designs which frequently change as my motivations adapt with the project. I enjoy combining collage, painting, drawing, woodwork and metalwork with readymade objects. Using multiple forms of media allows me to have a variety of 2d and 3d expression. By fusing media, I generate a more authentic and believable atmosphere catering to a variety of art and non-art connoisseurs.*

An important component of my research includes the incorporation of phenomenology (the study of how phenomena appear both visually and through a full human experience that is heightened by the senses). Gaining an understanding in the psychology of human interaction is part of the process. When others are able to react to my work they have combined their own experiences as a response. Success is reached when emotional interactions and reactions occur during a viewers’ experience.

When large spaces are unavailable, I use similar techniques of gathering and research to work in small sculpture and the two-dimensional and three-dimensional environment (such as movies and animations). The layering of my collections provides a means to create illusions of space in virtual worlds (i.e. layering, scale and the use of implied spatial depth through object focus and camera movement).

No matter the scale, I use my mood to create and influence my art. I keep fresh by diversifying the ways I use media, to express myself to others. I take pride in my process of researching, collecting, layering and creating. I frequently try new techniques with the hope of success, although ultimately knowledge can be gained even with failure. My goal, however, is to transform space rather than cover it so that ultimately everyone can share in my emotional journey.

* see my MFA thesis exhibition online at:

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Kristina seeks to discover her ultimate career contributing a high level of organizational skills aligned with her creative mind to provide design strategy for your businesses and educational organizations with forward thinking strategic thinking and branding. "An idea is nothing more than scribbles until acted upon."