Motion & Animations in After Effects (Download Quick Time Player Free)

Group project, short.
A character comes to life from a drawing.

Rocket Woman 0:43

Video Collage

A lifestyle of alcoholism leads to seeking help.

Drunk 0:30

In viewing Eadweard Muybridge stills of a horse mid-gallop, I am still trying to fix the horses’ gait.

Horse Movements 0:01 (loop)

Short from movie.

Timing is not yet resolved.

Bandit 1:38   WORK IN PROGRESS

Kris. Rudolph

Graphic Design

  1. 2 dimensional

  2. 3 dimensional

  3. Collage

  4. Font & Text

  5. Motion & Animation

  6. Photo. Arts

  7. Professional


  1. Installation processes or

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  1. Metals /Jewelry