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Think Small Window

Features images of scannning electron microscope slide cross sections of pine needles, cones and stems which resemble familiar Winter shapes such as ornaments and pine trees.

Think Small Window Display


Paper, posterboard, foamcore board, hollow plastic ornaments, spray adhesive, cotton, eye screws, fishing line and lights.

Think Small Window Display


1. Concept sketch was inspired by the pine swag that hung in the store window.
2. Window measurements were taken provided spacial constraints. Parts remained modular and light for transport.
3. A minimal budget contributed to simple 2d images printed and formed into 3d shapes.
4. Images were taken at a 10x magnification through a camera mounted to a scanning electron microscope.
5. Digital camera images were printed and cut accordingly to fit cones and hanging ornaments.
6. Lights were placed under laid cotton for a soft glow light effect which showed at night.

Think Small Window Display
Think Small Window Display

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